How to style the perfect accessory?

If you've struggled with style -- and never know what to wear, or how to style a piece of jewelry you love -- we'll let you in on a secret -- we struggle too! Owning a jewelry business doesn't automatically make you a style guru or expert, like the internet LOVES saying!  
We have some go-to outfit ideas that allow our jewels to maintain a versatile yet chic look.
1. The classic dress assemble never fails. You can either spice up a pair of earrings, or a chunky statement piece with the assemble: for a night out, or to even the office. These days dressing up is in, not dressing down! 
2. The Classic White Tee or V-Neck: There's been a trend, where you can spruce up anything with a white shirt. Or anything white really. It's an easy look to achieve and one that is fail-proof. You can add a pop or colour, or even gold-accented pieces to compliment the jewelry and you! 
 3. Teardrop earrings with an up-do: This trick never fails. It's the perfect way to show off your lobes and ear candy! Put your hair up in a glossy bun, or half-way up. We guarantee you'll get a tonne of compliments! 
4. Style your bracelets by layering: This seems to be an ongoing and emerging trend among all the fashionistas and style lovers! We totally agree. Wearing arm candy has never been more fun! 
And that's a wrap. Do you have any style tips for us? We would love to hear them. Just leave us a quick comment below, or connect with us via email ~
Items Pictured:
1. Copper Feather Bib - $30 from
2. Deer Antler Bib - $20 from
3. Bijoux Bead Drop Earrings - $21.65 from
4. Round Head Cuff - $29.87 from



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